Monday, August 8, 2011

Buffs and Nerfs/Hate on Riot

No matter how often Riot buffs and nerfs champions, a good number of people will always be unhappy.  I have just been really disappointed with The League of Legends community as a whole recently because all I ever see is complaints against Riot, and most of it stems from their balancing.

Look at the most recent patch preview (HERE), practically every other comment is "Panth is OP why you buff him???" OR "I am so happy they finally buff Panth!".

Riot cannot make everyone happy, and I personally believe that they actually do an ok job of making the champions balanced.  And even when they fail, we should remember that they are still just puny, pathetic, mistake making humans, and should be treated as such.  Give them a break, they work really hard to give us a balanced, complete game, that we can enjoy.  They do a lot of work to keep releasing new content to keep the game interesting, and balancing the game to keep it fair.  Just ride out the changes, and enjoy your free game.

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